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Tips For Financing Your IVF Treatments

16 January

If you and your partner have decided to have a baby using in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and an egg donor, then it is important for you to know there are many different ways you can pay for this pricey medical procedure. Thankfully, some insurance companies will cover infertility treatments, so yours may cover part of all […]

How To Treat Patellar Tendonitis With Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

13 January

Chronic patellar tendonitis is a challenging condition for sport practitioners and orthopedic surgeons to treat. It is caused by the overuse of the knee when extending it to participate in activities like kicking, jumping and running. Pain is a common symptom of this condition. It starts between your kneecap and travels down to your tendon […]

Tips For Keeping Your Frozen Shoulder Pain At Bay

11 January

If you are suffering from the pain and lack of mobility caused by a rotator cuff problem, then it is important you take certain steps that will help your shoulder feel better. While living with a so-called “frozen shoulder” can be difficult in many ways, there are things you can do to make your life […]

Make Your Body Work For You: 3 Easy Side Gigs For The Cash Strapped College Student

10 January

If you’re in college and your part time job is not giving you enough extra money, then you should consider a side gig that you can do sporadically for extra cash. One great way to make some extra money is to find a job that lets you do something physical (yet not too stressful) so […]

How To Talk To Your Siblings About Alcohol Addiction And Rehabilitation

07 December

If you have to go to rehabilitation and have younger siblings that don’t really understand your erratic behavior or are sad to see you go, you might want to do something to explain to them what is going on. However, they might be too young to fully understand addiction and how a person gets better […]

Tips For Recovering After Vocal Cord Surgery

07 December

If you have undergone vocal cord surgery or are about to do so, you might feel a lot of pain near your throat and not be able to talk very well. You likely find this inconvenient and want to get back to your old self as soon as possible. Here are some tips for recovering […]

What to Expect If You Are Diagnosed with Spinal Compression Fractures

07 December

Spinal compression fractures are often found in people with osteoporosis but can be caused by trauma, age, and bone disease. The fractures may be small and relatively easy to treat or large enough to require surgical correction. Treatment and management after treatment can be a long process, and, depending on the severity of the injury, […]

Trying to Breathe Effectively When Recovering from Pneumonia

21 November

If you were recently diagnosed with pneumonia, and you are at home recovering from the symptoms you are suffering from, you are most likely concerned about the restriction in breathing you are experiencing. When someone has a bout of pneumonia, the infection to the lungs will make it difficult to cough or breath. This, in […]

3 Diet Tips To Remember When Strength Training

21 November

If you are working on building up your strength and improving your muscle tone, you might be hitting the gym or the weight bench for strength training. For best results, however, you should remember that you should go beyond just working out if you want to get stronger and more fit. It’s also important to […]

An Overview Of How A Chiropractor Can Treat Your Headache After You’Ve Been On A Computer All Day

17 November

Working at a computer all day can get your body out of alignment. Your shoulders can start to droop and the spine can get slightly hyperextended from leaning over for so long. The result is that you can start to get headaches from the pressure on your muscular and skeletal system. A chiropractor can help […]